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Infusion Therapy Services

With our Infusion Center, you can receive infusion therapy quickly, and conveniently — at far less cost and stress.

Not only are we experts in infusion therapy, but we’re also experts in human kindness. When you come to VOC Infusion Center, you are receiving care from the most compassionate doctors and nurses in the field.


We understand that the infusion process can be unfamiliar and even daunting to patients and their families. So, from the moment you schedule an initial visit, our team approaches your situation with knowledge, kindness, and compassion, listening to your situation closely and creating a comprehensive plan of care. A few examples of infusion / injection therapies we provide are Tysabri, Cimzia, Remicade, Entyvio, Stelara, Rituximab, Ocrevus and Prolia.

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand
Infusion Therapy Services: Services
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